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The Project:

VN9 – the short form of Václavské Námêstí 9, is a building that consists of a reconstructed historical part and a newly constructed part. It is built to an A-class office standard, with a combination of a historical facade and modern interior space.

The building offers over 2,200 square meters of office premises and over 2,600 square meters of retail space. A major part is taken by the fashion company Reserved, and another part is occupied by a flagship McDonald's restaurant with new interior design.

The office part of the building is accessible through a separate office entrance directly from Wenceslas Square and has a reception with 24/7 security service.

Imprint / Contact:

V Parku 2343/24, 148 00 Praha 4 - Chodov, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 246 085 800